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2022 GMC Sierra 1500 vs Ford F-150

Are you in the market for a powerful, capable, and tough full-size pick-up truck? If you have narrowed your search down to the GMC Sierra 1500 vs. Ford F-150, then read on for our comparison between these two desirable trucks.


Both of these trucks offer a range of performance engines. The F150 wins the horsepower race because it boasts an engine with 450hp and 570lb/ft torque compared to the Sierra's maximum of 420hp and 460lb/ft torque.

Ford is set to release the new F-150 Lightning, the only electric full-size truck.

Fuel Efficiency

It is not unreasonable that the Sierra returns better fuel efficiency figures with a lower engine capacity.

The Sierra is quoted to return 10L/100km around town and 7,8L/100km on the highway compared to the Ford's 9,4L/100km in town and 9,0L/100km on the highway.

Estimates indicate that the Ford F-150 Lightning will offer 85 MPGe or 4.05 km/kWh, putting it in a class of its own.

Payload and Towing Capability

This is one area where the F-150 completely outstrips the Sierra. The Ford's payload tops out at an impressive 1,500kg compared to the Sierra's 1030kg. This equates to a significantly lower number of trips for anyone carrying loads.

Towing a trailer is slightly different, with both vehicles pulling similar weights, the Ford at 6,350kg and the Sierra at 5,987 kilograms.


Both manufacturers have not stinted on safety features in their trucks. They come equipped with all the latest safety and driving aids, such as adaptive cruise control, emergency braking, and blind-spot monitoring.

The F-150 has the added feature of a reverse guidance system that helps the driver reverse a trailer.

Interior and Infotainment

Both trucks have very comfortable cabins, with head and legroom galore.

In the F-150, the lower spec vehicles have a satisfactory interior, while higher up the scale, you get leather and wood. The controls are easy to use and well laid out, while the large touchscreen carries all the latest in infotainment and navigation, and the seats have concealed storage underneath,

The Sierra takes the interior luxury of the cab up next level in the top of the range Denali and the off-road ATX4. There is leather and wood galore, a head-up display, and the Denali Ultimate also gets the Super Cruise package, which allows for hands-free driving. All models have an excellent infotainment package.


The F-150 starts at $34,079 for the XT and rises to the Limited, which comes in at $92,025.
The Sierra range starts with the Pro at $44,948 and ends with the Denali with an MSRP of $73,343.


It is clear that, except for fuel consumption, the 2022 Ford F-150 is the better value for money. We have the complete model range for the Ford F-150 in Regina, so come in and arrange a test drive.

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