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Best Winter Tires for 2022

Canadians understand the importance of driving safely in snowy and icy conditions and many make it ad habit to swap their tires for the winter season. All-season tires will become stiff when the temperature drops below +7°C, resulting in a loss of traction and difficulty stopping. Winter tires improve your stopping ability, prevent sliding, and make you a safer, more predictable driver in harsh winter conditions.

Today, our goal is to provide you with an overview of the best winter tires 2022 for larger SUVs and light trucks (in different price ranges).


Are you looking for good winter tires in Regina? Winter MAXX SJ8 tires from Dunlop are an excellent choice to tackle the coming season. This Dunlop tire is designed specifically for SUVs and boasts excellent performance. It’s no secret that Dunlop Winter tires rule the winter roads. Furthermore, the Dunlop Winter tire exhibits excellent elasticity even during extreme cold, an excellent grip on snowy roads, and exceptional wet handling.

Thanks to Dunlop's patented technologies, the Dunlop Winter MAXX SJ8 tire can handle anything the weather throws at you. Despite the frozen roads, the Nano-Fit rubber of the tire tread allows it to stay tough and flexible so that you can remain safe and in control.


This French tire maker has completely redesigned its line of X-Ice car tires into the X-Ice Snow and North lines. They also have recently made the Latitude X-Ice tires, which car owners have received well, especially those who drive large SUVs. Their quietness and efficiency are particularly notable.


The American manufacturer Goodyear has announced that it will replace its inexpensive and very efficient Ultra Grip Ice. It will be replaced by the new WinterCommand for light-duty trucks, which should achieve similar, if not better, results. But as a work tool, it’s hard to beat the sturdy Wrangler DuraTrac.


For pickup trucks or commercial vans, there is the Bridgestone Blizzak LT tire specifically designed for these types of vehicles, such as 2500 pickups, and available in about 10 sizes.. Additionally, Bridgestone makes an ideal commercial winter tire, the W965, intended for heavier loads.


Cooper Tire has been around since 1914. In addition to selling tires under its own brand, it manufactures several other discount brands. The company surprised the experts with its newest products this year, including the Discoverer M+S model and the much more aggressive X/T4.


There are a lot of 2022 winter tires Regina available in the market today.. Pirelli, Hankook, Toyo Tires and Uniroyal, among other products manufactured in different parts of the world, also deserve consideration. Having the right tire for the winter weather is important for your security and the security of the people around you when driving.

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